Name: Fish Tacos



Yield: 12 tacos

Comments: 4/20/2016 - I used cod and omitted the jalapeño. I did not have ancho chile powder so I mixed 1/2 teaspoon of achiote into the marinade. It tasted good, but the tortillas fell apart.
9/4/2021 - I used 1.4 pounds of catfish, substituted chile powder for ancho chile powder, and faked Mexican crema by adding 1 spoon of lime juice to sour creme, but otherwise kept to the recipe. We ate 3 tacos each. I served with a green salad and corn kernels. The corn was unnecessary.
7/12/2022 - I loosely, very loosely, used this recipe to make tacos with leftover shrimp. The shrimp were already seasoned so I skipped the marinating and I microwaved them instead of cooking. I added chopped tomato and lettuce to the cilantro and sour cream toppings.


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