Name: Vegetarian Baked Beans



Yield: Serves 8 or so

Comments: One option instead of an overnight soak is to rinse beans and put in a large pot with 6-8 cups of hot water for each pound of beans. Bring to a rapid boil and boil for two minutes. Remove from heat, cover, and let stand for 1 hour. Drain and rinse beans.
9/21/2003 - I cooked the beans for 18 hours in our crockpot, added extra water once, and they came out fine.
11/9/2003 - I soaked the beans overnight, and then started heating them at 4:30 AM by using a timer. I cooked them on low from 8 AM for four hours and then cooked them on high for another four hours, adding a cup of hot water once and stirring about once an hour, but they still were a little crisper than I wanted.
7/4/2005 - I soaked the beans from 10 pm and used a timer to start heating them at 4 am. By 8 am, they seemed tender. I cooked them on low from 8:30 am to 1:50 pm, and then cooked them on high until 6:30 pm. I did not have to add any water. Also I used a teaspoon of salt substitute in place of salt.
7/4/2006 - Similar to previous year - soaked the beans from 8 pm and used a timer to start heating them on high at 3 am. By 8 am, they seemed tender. I cooked them on low from 8:30 am till dinner at 5 pm. I did not have to add any water; in fact they seemed too moist and I skimmed off ~1/2 cup of liquid an hour before serving.
5/5/2013 - I followed the option to boil the beans and let it stand for one hour. Then I cooked them in the slow cooker at low for 24 hours, starting at 1 pm. At 6 the next morning the beans seemed a little dry so I added an unmeasured amount of water. When I started, I accidentally added way too much vinegar. The next morning, Gail tasted it and thought it needed more salt and sweetening. I added another teaspoon of fake salt and a half cup of molasses. It tasted OK.
10/4/2014 - I soaked the beans for 6 hours starting at 10 a.m. the previous day. Then I heated them on HIGH for 6 hours because we were away from home for that long. At the end of 6 hours, they were tender! Next I cooked them with the sauce on LOW for about 17 hours, stirring at 9 hours and 13 hours. I did not have to add any extra water, and the beans could have been served earlier.
12/25/2018 - I started soaking the beans in the Crock-pot at noon the previous day, and let them soak for 6 hours. After heating them at HIGH for 4 hours, I drained and saved the water. I followed the recipe, and set the beans to cooking at LOW for 9 hours. They were still a little crunchy so I added 1/2 cup of water, and turned them up to HIGH again for another 3 1/2 hours. They were OK when served. The recipe filled the Crock-pot approximately to the 2/3 level.
1/1/2021 - I forgot to buy black-eyed peas for Hoppin’ John for New Years Day so I substituted this. I started at 6:20 AM and boiled 1 pound of great northern beans for 10 minutes before letting them stand for an hour (see option). Then I put them in the crockpot with 9 cups of water, and cooked them on HIGH for 3 hours according to the recipe. Next I followed the recipe to drain the beans and make the mixture. At 11:10 AM, I added the mixture to the beans and a pound or more of ham steak. I added a little extra liquid to cover the beans. Then I started the cooker on HIGH again. In mid afternoon there seemed to be too much liquid, so I uncovered the Crock-pot for about 1 1/4 hours. I served them at 5:15 PM, and they were tender enough, though still a little liquid. The Crock-pot was about 1/2 filled. I served them with rice and spinach. I added black pepper to mine to get a little better flavor.


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