Name: Stir Fried Liver



Yield: 4 servings

Comments: 10/29/2014 - I started with liver tofu stir-fry leftovers so I skipped many of the cooking steps.
3/3/2017 - I had one pound of beef liver that was packaged in four 1/4 pound slices. Instead of keeping it partially frozen, I had thawed it in the refrigerator, but was able to cut it using a scissors. I used the same amounts of other ingredients as in the recipe, and it was a little dry.
11/8/2017 - I processed the calf liver properly this time. I doubled the amount of sherry and soy sauce. For vegetables, I used baby bok choy, some green pepper, and a little spinach. I stir-fried the liver 1 minute, and then added the marinade and, soon after, the vegetables.


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