Name: Smoked Sausage with Potatoes, Sauerkraut & Ale



Yield: 4 servings

Comments: 7/13/2016 - I started by sautéing a 1/4 cup of mushrooms to which I added two previously grilled bratwurst. For ale, I used Shock Top brand Honeycrisp Apple Wheat beer. Getting the potatoes to be tender took much longer than suggested by the recipe. The potatoes did not get to be golden brown, but did begin to stick to the skillet so I proceeded to add the other ingredients. Then I cooked the mixture in the final step at least 30 minutes and the potatoes were still a little crisp.
2/7/2017 - I used two potatoes (4 cups), a 27-oz can of sauerkraut (4 cups), a bottle of Kona Longboard Island Lager, a 13-oz Hilshire turkey smoked sausage, 2+ tablespoons of Gulden's spice brown mustard, and two leftover chick thigh filets. I cooked the diced potatoes in the microwave in a casserole dish ahead of time to make them tender. The sauerkraut was a little overwhelming.
3/14/2018 - I used 3 cups of red potatoes, a 15-oz can of sauerkraut, Gulden's spice brown mustard, and Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale. I also sautéd half a chopped onion and some chopped mushrooms. I microwaved the potatoes first so they were tender. They did not become golden brown, but did stick to the pan. We got at least 6 or 7 servings.
11/16/2020 - The ingredients were four Roma Beer Brats (16-oz), 3 cups of potatoes, a 15-oz can of sauerkraut, a small onion, and a 12-oz bottle of Copper Head Ale. I boiled the brats for about 13 minutes before slicing them, I microwaved the diced potatoes for 6-minutes before putting them in the skillet. I forgot to cook the onions before putting the potatoes in the skillet. The result was awfully juicy, but tasty.
2/9/2022 - The ingredients were a 19-oz package of bratwurst, 1 Russet potato, 4-oz mushrooms, 2 medium onions (2 cups), a can of IPA, a can of sauerkraut, and 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard. The potatoes, quartered and sliced thin, filled 2 1/2 cups. Following the package directions, I fried the brats for 5 minutes, added a cup of water and simmered them 12 minutes, before slicing them into 1-inch pieces. I microwaved the potatoes for 5 minutes before cooking them in the skillet. I sautéd the mushrooms and onions for 3 minutes before adding the potatoes. The potatoes were a little mushy, but it tasted good. We had two meals from it.


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