Name: Pork Chops



Yield: One per person?

Comments: Cooking shorter is better, cut to check on interior
10/23/2011 - 3/4 to 1 inch thick, 16 minutes was too long.
3/05/2012 - I cooked the pork chops in water for about 10 minutes; they were a little tough but not too bad. Also fried some mushrooms, sprinkled thyme on them and then topped the cooked pork chops with the combination.
1/8/2016 - I had 1-inch thick pork chops. I browned them with the burner at 7, and then cooked at 2. I did not keep track of the time, but it wasn't too different from the recipe.
10/26/2019 - The pork chops were at least an inch thick. They were browned for about 4 minutes a side with the burner at 7. Then they were cooked in water for about 15 minutes. Again they were a little tough, but edible. Gail asked if I used a meat thermometer. Served with leftover brown rice, leftover green beans, and celery salad.


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