Name: Pie Crust (Fool Proof)

“Grandma’s Recipe: Perfect, flaky dough every time! This is a pie crust that has been in my family forever.”



Yield: about 4 regular or 6 thin crusts

Comments: A box of Jiffy pie crust mix contains about 2 cups, mostly of flour. It makes 2 crusts.
2/24/2021 - I increased the recipe by 50%, except with only one egg, to use to make 10 pasties. I mixed it in the large 8-cup measuring cup. It took about 25 minutes. The crust was tender. I used parchment paper on which to roll the dough, but it slid a lot so that did not work well.
2/27/2023 - I increased the recipe by 50%, with two eggs. I used a full 16-oz can of shortening plus a little more butter. It took me about 45 minutes to prepare, and then I forgot to refrigerate. It was a little gooey at first. There was enough crust for 11 pasties.

Source: Ann Cole and Tony Ravnik in Growing up in Iron River, Michigan.

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