Name: Mushroom Patty Melt



Yield: 4 servings

Comments: 6/24/2023 - I used 8 ounces of baby bella mushrooms, 1/2 yellow onion, 7 ounces Gruyère cheese, and Jewish Rye Seed Artisan bread. I cut the bread in about 3/8-inch slicesThe onions and mushrooms were crisp in 10 minutes at burner settings 8 to 9. The first night I used half the mushroom-onion mixture with six slices of bread to make three sandwiches. They were crisp in 2 to 3 minutes at a burner setting of 6. Served with peas as a side dish. There was a lot of oil spattered on the stove.
11/11/2023 - I used rye bread and Edam cheese. The sandwiches were scorched, but tasted good. The bread slices could have been bigger, so I got five sandwiches. I laid a single slice of Edam cheese on each. There was little spattered butter.

Source: The Washington Post, 12 May 2021

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