Name: Fried Cabbage with Sausage



Yield: Makes about 8 servings.

Comments: Ro-Tel tomatoes is a brand that combines diced tomatoes with green chilis.
8/9/2017 - I used 2/3 of a cabbage, because a whole one would overflow my skillet, and a Hillshire Farms 13-oz chicken smoked sausage. I forgot to cover the skillet when simmering. It was good, served with roasted red potatoes.
12/4/2019 - I made it with a small red cabbage, 12-oz of Nature’s Promise Basil Pesto Chicken Sausage and one Field Roast veggie Italian sausage. The cabbage and tomatoes made it very colorful. I served it with the roasted red potatoes again.
9/3/2022 - I used half a red cabbage, nearly all of a large onion, 26 oz of Field Roast-brand Smoked Apple & Sage Plant-based Saugage. We agreed that the sausage did not taste like real meat. I served it with boiled baby potatoes.
8/12/2023 - I used a small red cabbage, a small yellow onion, about 19-oz Field Roast veggie Italian sausage, and fresh plum tomatoes. I did not use any salt or pepper. The cabbage filled the skillet, but cooked down enough to allow the other ingredients to be added. It was very colorful and tasty.

Source: Posted on FaceBook by Bonnie Lees, from Trisha Renee

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