Name: Fish fillets With Sherry-Mushroom Sauce



Yield: 3-4 servings

Comments: 7/20/08 - I didn't have green onions, but it was good
3/13/10 - I thought sauce was too strong for fish; Gail said she liked it
9/11/10 - Used 0.7 lb of cod, was OK
9/11/10 - Updated recipe with soy sauce & cornstarch, not used before
10/10/10 - Good with catfish
2/9/11 - Actual cooking took ~24 min, Gail not keen on whiting fish
3/27/11 - 0.66 lb tilapia, Gail liked
9/11/12 - In Moving House. Did not have sherry so increased water to 6 tablespoons and used one tablespoon of red wine. Used two cloves of garlic.
1/15/2016 - I added a tablespoon of fish sauce. It seemed very salty afterwards.
8/1/2018 - Served with steamed asparagus, boiled red potatoes, and apple craisin lettuce salad.
11/3/2018 - I used haddock, and served it with roasted red potatoes, roasted green beans, and blue cheese and dried cranberry tossed salad.
2/14/2019 - Gail said it went well with cod. I served with roasted red potatoes and roasted carrots.
5/3/2022 - I had a pound of haddock. Everything worked according to the recipe. Served with roasted red potatoes, roasted asparagas, and celery salad.
5/3/2022 - I had a pound of cod. I followed the recipe except I used a full cup of sliced mushrooms.

Source: Sunset Fish & Shellfish A to Z

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