Name: Easy Apple Butter Pie



Yield: one pie

Comments: When putting the pie into the oven, first put it on a flat metal sheet to keep the pie shell from bending. The pan it comes in is flimsy.

2/13/2023 - I had a 10-inch pie crust so I increased the amounts of apple butter, milk, and sugar by 1.23 times. Evaporated milk only came in 12 ounce cans so I substituted 2 ounces of 2% milk and 1 ounce of heavy cream for the needed extra 3 ounces. Baking until the center was set took much, much longer than the directions indicated. In total, it was in the oven about 85 minutes. The crust was very dark and hard after that.
10/30/2023 - This time I had a 9-inch shortbread crust. I used the amounts in the recipe. It took a full 17-oz bottle of apple butter. There was more filling than would fit in the pie shell. I used the recommended baking baking times. It still looked very soft when it came out of the over, but was firm enough when eaten and the crust was OK.


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