Name: Boiled Potatoes



Yield: As many as you put in

Comments: 1/16/2016 - I used full-grown, whole potatoes, and boiled them for over 20 minutes. They were done, but still quite firm.
2/10/2018 - I had seven medium-sized red potatoes, quartered. They were soft after 13 minutes from when the boiling began.
4/2/2022 - I used uncut “baby” potatoes and it took longer than I expected.
9/3/2022 - Again, I used uncut “baby” potatoes. They were tender in 20 minutes.
11/14/2022 - I used uncut and unpeeled, medium-sized yellow potatoes. I started the water boiling first. The potatoes were done in 20 minutes.
5/11/2023 - I had baby red potatoes. They were done, but just a little too firm, after 11 minutes of simmering.
5/20/2023 - I had mixed color baby potatoes and simmered them for at least 12 minutes. Even the smallest ones weren’t done yet although a knife pierced them easily.
8/12/2023 - When I tested them 20 minutes after the pot began to boil, 24-oz of baby red potatoes were tender.
10/29/2023 - I used six medium-sized red potatoes, uncut. They were still a little undercooked after 20 minutes.


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