Name: Fettuccine with Blue-Cheese-Artichoke Sauce



Yield: Six servings

Comments: Serve with tossed apple salad (apples and romaine lettuce)
10/14/2012 - I used regular dry fettuccine, a 15-oz bottle of alfredo sauce and a couple of garlic cloves. I served it with green salad and steamed broccoli.
1/26/2013 - Used rotini in place of fettuccine. Updated recipe.
4/30/2013 - Fettuccine stuck to itself. Served with baked zucchini with garlic, tomato and cheese.
2/18/2016 - Sprinkling black pepper on top was good.
11/14/2016 - Made with rotini.
3/25/2018 - I used 2 cans of artichokes, 3 cloves of garlic, about 8 oz of rotini, and fresh-ground black pepper. It worked well and gave 6 servings.
7/30/2018 - Again, 2 cans of quartered artichoke hearts, 3 cloves of garlic, a cup of dry rotini, and fresh ground pepper.
10/20/2018 - I did not have enough mushrooms but I added half a yellow onion. Otherwise, it was the same as in March and July.
12/30/2018 - I mistakenly bought 2 cans of whole artichokes. I bought a whole slice of blue cheese, and had to crumble it myself. I forgot to add fresh ground pepper. The pasta was farfalle.

Source: Cooking Light: 5 Ingredient, 15 Minute Cookbook, Oxmoor House, 2004

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