Gail and I visited CJ in New York. After driving from Maryland on Friday, we checked into the Days Inn and, arriving at 2 PM, were lucky to get one of the hotel's six parking spaces. We took the B35 bus to CJ's, leaving our car comfortably parked. She took us on a hike to Prospect Park and the monument there in honor of the company of Maryland soldiers who held off a British attack, allowing George Washington and his soldiers to escape. We also met Niko, CJ's roommate's cat.

The next day we journeyed into Manhattan to a small community garden in the East Village, where CJ's dance group, Creature Theater, performed a work called Phototropia.

On Sunday, Gail and I picked up CJ and Dan to drive them to the Brooklyn Friends meeting. In January we had had no problems finding parking in downtown Brooklyn, but this was not January. There were lots of people (and cars) in the area, especially since there was a festival about to start on Atlantic Avenue. We got to the meeting a half hour late, but we did get there.

Sunday afternoon, we stayed at the meeting house, and helped prepare and serve the monthly community dinner.

Afterwards, we moved into the Super 8 Hotel on Third Avenue. We lucked out again by finding a space in the hotel's parking lot.

Monday morning, while CJ worked, Gail and I hiked to Prospect Park and visited the Brooklyn Zoo. Among other things, we saw a number of pre-school children who were excited by the otter exhibit.

After lunch with CJ, Gail and I took the R train to Manhattan all by ourselves, stopping for a while at Strand Book Store. Then we took the L train back out to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, where CJ was going to perform as a backup singer for Kathy Zimmer at Cameo Gallery.

Kathy Zimmer and the Sugar Bowls - Sara, CJ, and Krista Kathy Zimmer and the Sugar Bowls with a guest rapper artist

Gail and I drove back to Maryland on Tuesday morning while CJ was at work. There are many places to visit in New York and many things to do. We didn't do all of them this time. An excuse to return.

Prepared by Al Holm, 7 October 2015