We rendezvoused at Tennessee's Paris Landing State Park Friday, October 19, and stayed through Sunday, October 21. While there we stayed in two adjacent cabins, one of which is shown here.

Map of location Cabin at Paris Landing State Park seen from the lake side

As usual, the meals were terrific:

Bob Zink also provided beer - Hopfest - and excellent wines to keep us from drying out too much.

Bill applies a rub to the pork roast while talking with Bob and Lolly. That's a bottle of fruit juice in front of Bob. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the state park.

Bill Bower talks with Bob Zink and Lolly Bower while preparing dinner

After Friday dinner, Maija prepared her fruit salad for Saturday's breakfast.

Maija washes grapes for her Saturday breakfast fruit salad

Bob and Lolly Bower Bob Zink in after dinner discussion
Lolly and Bob Bower on Friday evening Bob Zink in an after dinner discussion

Friday evening some would-be party crashers came to call.

A raccoon stands outside the kitchen door

On Saturday we visited nearby Fort Donelson, location of a crucial Northern victory early in the Civil War. The fort is on the Cumberland River and protected access to Nashville, Tennessee. Confederates had heavy artillery at the fort and used them to drive off an attack by Union ironclads. U.S. Grant's infantry soon was able to force the Confederates to surrender.

Gail, Julie, Bob and Lolly check the park map for the stops
on the narrated tour CD.
Bob Bower prepares to fire one of the cannons in the park
Just kidding!
Bob Bower pretends to light the fuse 
             of one of the cannon in Fort Donelson

Bill, Maija and Gail read about the Confederate's cannons in the upper battery

A barge steaming up the river under the guns of the lower battery
just as the Union ironclads must have come
The upper battery of cannon at Fort Donelson A coal barge comes up the Cumberland River 
             under the muzzles of one of the cannon of the lower battery

After a lot of sightseeing it is nice to relax on your deck with a cup or glass and snacks.

Lolly, Maija, Bob and Ann sitting on the deck

Prepared by Al Holm, 28 Oct 2007; Updated: 12 Sept 2019