The Minn Clan regrouped in August 2015 at MacNaughton's Retreat, a cottage on the Lake Superior shore near Calumet, Michigan. With three bedrooms downstairs and two upstairs there was plenty of sleeping space for everyone. It also had WiFi so our three laptops, two tablets, and multiple smartphones, up from two laptops and a tablet last year, were able to access information. There was even space along side the house where Al and Gail could park their Moving House.

The owner was friendly; he joined us one evening at the campfire. The house where we were staying had been his grandfather's.

We arrived on Thursday, Aug 20, except for the Zinks who arrived at noon the following day. We all departed the morning of Monday, Aug 24.

Thursday was chilly with bands of light rain throughout the day. It was windy enough to blow the owner's flag off his flagpole. Friday and Saturday were nice, sunny and without much wind. The light rains returned on Sunday, and Monday brought the return of high winds.

Enjoying some of Maija's Finnish liqueur at sunset

The world is our topic

In addition to cooking and eating (always a popular activity) we: walked along the shore of Lake Superior; sat around a nighttime campfire; visited a fire museum and the National Historical Park Visitor Center, both in Calumet; took a sunset cruise to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula on the Isle Royale Queen; and visited the Quincy copper mine in Hancock. A few of us even braved the sauna in our rented cottage. One highlight was the celebration of Bob Bower's 80th birthday, which is coming up this fall.

Searching for agates on the shore

Lolly found a fossil when looking for an agate

A Lake Superior sunset

Gathered around the campfire on the beach

The siren on this historic fire engine still worked

Keweenaw Snow
Nearly twice as much as Buffalo, NY, got in its snowiest season

The Isle Royale Queen - our Saturday evening ride

Lolly on the Isle Royale Queen

Smartly dressed to enter the Quincy copper mine

Facing the angry lake on Monday morning

Where to next year? Still under discussion, but probably somewhere in the midwest.

Prepared by Albert Holm, 27 August 2015; Updated: 12 Sept 2019