A fable?

During the plague of the boxelder bugs, the clan gathered at the Cooksville Farmhouse Inn in the realm of the misguided Lord Scott Walker. They moved circumspectly to avoid the attention of Lord Walker's spies and brought copies of The Onion and Funny Times to ward off thought control by the Koch brothers.

While visiting the local church, Shawano Bob lept to the pulpit to try to convince the local folk to abandon Lord Walker. They may have been chicken to do that, but they did provide tasty free-range eggs.

Maija, Bill, Julie, Gail and Al attended a live broadcast of Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know under Lord Walker's nose in Madison. Bill, Julie, Anna, Lolly and the two Bobs were guests of honor at Ole and Lena's Wedding in the Opera House in Stoughton. Saturday evening we enjoyed a campfire, and tried to remember river songs and camp songs to sing around it.

And, of course, we ate and drank well. Maija welcomed us Thursday evening with beef stew, rice and rutabaga casserole. Lolly and Bob carried on tradition on Friday with bacon-wrapped filets, baked potatoes and grilled vegetables. Gail and Al finished Saturday with Lemon Terragon Chicken and green beans. Bill and Julie provided vegetables from their garden. Bob and Ann supplied fine wine as well as providing coffee, OJ, milk and more. We made do-it-yourself breakfasts after finding that they worked well last year, but Bill and Bob surprised us Sunday morning with a delicious frittata made with some of the aforementioned free-range eggs.

On Sunday morning, at the appointed time, each slipped away, quietly and sadly, heading back to their own corner of the empire to promote human progress.

Where to assemble next year? Lanesboro, the bed and breakfast capitol of Minnesota was suggested again. Lanesboro has a thriving arts scene and we could see plays at the new Commonweal Theatre and the historic St. Mane Theater. We could hold a coffee party there to counteract the effects of the Countess Michele Bachmann's tea party from further north. And also sip a few glasses of wine.

The front of the Cooksville Farmhouse Inn,
our weekend castle

Larry the historian and Martha, our hostess, lead us on tour

Bob finds his place at the pulpit

Preacher Bob's flock?

An enchanted maiden of Cooksville?

Bill, Maija and Gail are enchanted by Friday's sunhsine

MinnClanners inspect the Billboard
at Stoughton's Opera House

Bob, Gail, Julie, Ann and Lolly enjoying the campfire

Bill and Bob at the campfire

Responsible: Albert Holm, Prepared: 9 Oct 2012; Updated: 12 Sept 2019