Our 2006 reunion was Sept 28-Oct 1 at the Bethel Horizons Retreat Center near Dodgeville, Wisconsin. While there we stayed at the Farmhouse. The bedrooms were on the second floor and the bathroom on the first. An additional john and a shower were in the basement. It was a comfortable place, though the floors and doors did creak.
Bob Zink coming out of the kitchen door
         in the Farmhouse On the site there were also trails, a nature center, and a garden from which we collected tomatoes and green peppers.

We were a little crowded in the kitchen/dining room, but that did not stop us from preparing the usual excellent food. Also Bob Zink and Kathy Jackson brought wines for tasting and that smoothed the food preparation process.

  • Maija brought beef with gravy and a cheese casserole for Thursday evening dinner.
  • Breakfast Friday was by Lolly and Bob: pancakes and sausage.
  • Lunch Friday was in Mineral Point at the Brewery Creek microbrewery.
  • Friday evening dinner was Bill and Julie's curried chicken
  • Saturday breakfast was a crockpot omlet and crockpot oatmeal by Kathy and Dennis
  • We ate (mostly drank) our lunch Saturday at the Grumpy Troll brewery pub in Mount Horeb.
  • Dinner Saturday was by Gail and Al: Portugese Kale Soup (with spinach substituted for the Kale). Click here for a recipe.
  • Sunday morning breakfast featured fresh pineapple, fresh melon, and a clean up of all the breakfast leftovers.
The directions in the kitchen for washing dishes were very explicit.

On our first full day we visited the historic buildings of Pendarvis in Mineral Point. After Pendarvis (our guide was a dairy farmer) and lunch at the pub, we visited the railroad museum, where our guide was the last stationmaster.

On Saturday, we headed over to Mount Horeb and first visited the Mustard Museum, After another pub lunch, we toured Little Norway, seeing the restored farm buildings and the replica Norweigan church that came from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

Sunday morning featured another delightful breakfast, followed by a short walk to a rock ledge overlooking Governor Dodge State Park. It was a beautiful fall day.

Pendarvis Souvenir of the Mustard Museum
The clan at Pendarvis Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb

Little Norway's replica church

Sod roofed cottage at Little Norway
The replica church at Little Norway Sod roofed cottage at Little Norway

Dennis and Bill prepare pineapple for Sunday breakfast

Kathy, Maija, Dennis, Laura, Anne, and Al
overlooking Governor Dodge State Park
Bill and Dennis coring the pineapple Sunday morning walk