About a month after we purchased the Moving House, we took it out for a weekend outing. We settled in at a KOA campground only 20 miles from home and only 3 miles from our RV dealer. This was a good plan because the dealer had to send out a repairman before we could put down the landing gear. A fuse had blown after we took possession. Not only that, but a switch had to be replaced so the stabilizers' motor would work and the motor for the awning had to be replaced. The replacements were made at the dealer's shop after our camping weekend.
In our site at the KOA with the slide-out extended Our front porch - the awning motor was not working
Our tan Ford F-250 is parked
           in front of the Copper Canyon trailer. Leafless trees
           surround the area. Gail is mounting the 
            steps to our door. The awning remains rolled up
            at the top of the trailer's side wall.

Roughing it? Yes, no dishwasher! Plenty of space
The two-basin sink and its cabinet sticks out
          into the living area at about a 45 degree angle. A small amount of
          the range and the refrigerator can be seen at the left side. 
          The two easy chairs are visible near the window at the back of the
          room. Gail is sitting
          on our little couch on the side of the living
          area. One of the easy chairs is visible at the
          back of the room.

It was a cold and rainy day, but we were snug and happy. And if we weren't, we could have moved down the road to a place where the sun was shining.