This was our first trip after the Covid-19 pandemic began. We got our second vaccine shot on February 20, so we should be fairly safe by now. In addition, we wore masks when in public - on the street, in the museum, in the garden, even in restaurants except when eating.

CJ invited us to visit her in Brooklyn. We drove up in the afternoon of Friday, April 23, and occupied a room that we rented through Airbnb in an old house on East 17th Street.

For dinner Friday, we went to La Puerta Roja on Cortelyou Road. For dining during Covid times, the restaurant had built a series of booths on the sidewalk and on one lane of Westminster Road. Dining tables are separated from one another by sheets of plastic so that diners could safely remove their masks. At La Puerta Roja, we ate in a booth on the street.

Photo from La Puerta Roja’s Facebook page

Here’s where we stayed

Saturday morning we ate breakfast in the courtyard at Qathra. Saturday’s noon meal was in sidewalk booths at the Thai Farm Kitchen, and a very tasty meal it was. Saturday's dinner was a light meal at King Mother Restaurant, in booths on the sidewalk. We had breakfast Sunday at the Cinco de Mayo Restaurant in booths on Westminster Road. Lunch Sunday was at Mimi’s Hummus in booths on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. For dinner on Sunday we had tapas from the Manchego Restaurant in booths on Marlborough Road. Finally, Monday we had breakfast back in the courtyard at Qathra.

We frequently saw people delivering meals from the restaurants. Many rode motor scooters with a large insulated box on the back, but some rode bicycles.

CJ forgot her wallet at school Friday afternoon so our first activity Saturday after breakfast was to return to the school in Gravesend and retrieve it. The fence around the school is nicely decorated with art panels. For example, here are two of the panels.

Because the morning weather was beautiful and we were close to Coney Island, we went to the beach after visiting CJ’s school. No people were swimming, but Brant geese and Bonaparte's gulls shared their space with strollers and a few sunbathers. We enjoyed the sun and did not take any of the amusement park rides.

Some of the rides at the amusement park

The Ferris Wheel

Coney Island’s boardwalk, uncrowded during an April morning

Romer Shoal lighthouse, 4.5 miles from Coney Island

A Bonaparte’s Gull enjoying the sun

Brant Geese taking a wave

After lunch, we planned to see the apartment that CJ is in the process of purchasing. It is a studio apartment on the top floor of a 12 floor building in Kensington. She has gotten all the approvals she needs so far, and just has to be approved by the co-op board. We were scheduled to meet the realtor there at 1 PM, but no one was there to meet us. It turned out that the realtor’s son was assigned to meet us, and he forgot. He did arrive 45 minutes late so we got to see the place.

Gail and CJ at the entrance to the building

Us in the main room of the apartment

CJ in the soon-to-be-hers kitchen

Windows look toward the tall buildings of Manhattan

Our final adventure of Saturday was an early evening visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. By then the sky was cloudy, but we could still enjoy the blossoms and their fragrances. I enjoyed the Native Flora Garden best. We even glimpsed an Eastern Towhee there.

The Japanese Gate

Trilliums in the Native Flora Garden

Dutchman’s Breeches

Sunday started off with a cool rain. It was a sweatshirts, windbreakers, and umbrellas morning. We hung out at CJ’s, where Zoey, her super shy cat, came out once to inspect us. We attended the Brooklyn Friends Meeting, by Zoom of course. The weather improved in the afternoon, and we visited the Brooklyn Museum.

Zoey eyeing the intruders

Artwork plays a recording of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”

One of the joys of New York City is being able to get around without a car. You can usually get close anywhere you need to go by train, and the fee is the same, no matter how far you go. Of course, you will still need to walk distances between the stations and your destinations. For example, on Saturday I walked over 23 thousand steps and 10 miles, including my strolls on Coney Island beach and in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Fitbit was delighted with my “progress” and awarded me a “High Tops badge”. Sunday I walked nearly 12 thousand steps and over 5 miles, including our wanderings in the Brooklyn Museum. That was pretty good too, but no praise from Fitbit.

Train arriving at Cortelyou Road

Decorative Subway Station Sign

Monday morning, April 26, Gail and I found our way to the westbound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and drove home in sunny wether.

Responsible: Albert Holm
Created: 2 May 2021
Updated: 9 May 2021