New York - April 2017

Gail and I visited CJ in Brooklyn in early April. We brought a few of CJ’s things from home that she would have trouble carrying on a bus. While in NY, we saw two movies - Get Out and I'm Not Your Negro - visited Green-Wood Cemetery, popped out of the subway to the sounds and sights of a Scottish parade on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, saw famous and not-so-famous art at the Museum of Modern Art, attended the Brooklyn Friends Meeting, were impressed and amused by the displays in Brooklyn's Transit Museum, visited the Cat Cafe, and strolled in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. In short, we had a full weekend.

Once again, we stayed in the Days Inn on 39th Street. We did not get one of the eight parking spaces in front of the hotel, but did find a space a block over on 38th Street.

Us in front of the gatehouse at Green-Wood Cemetery One of the Monk Parakeets who live in a nest atop the gatehouse

Monument to the New York City soldiers who served in the Civil War

Some of the tombstones near the edge of Green-wood Cemetery

One of the pipe and drum bands in the Tartan Day parade

The Dancers by Matisse in MoMA


Home of the Brooklyn Quaker Meeting

A 1907 Broooklyn Rapid Transit car in the Transit Museum

A nostalgic ad in one of the historic transit cars

Another ad in one of the historic transit cars

CJ in the Cat Cafe

CJ and Gail at Brooklyn Bridge Park

One of the Brant Geese among pilings at Brooklyn Bridge Park

A grocery market on 7th Avenue on Sunday evening

We ate well. Friday evening we had dinner at a Thai restaurant in Fort Greene called National and then after the movie we had dessert at the Chocolate Room. We started Saturday morning well and filled at the Sunset Park Diner, just half a block from our hotel. Lunch was at the Sushi Yu Japanese Restaurant. Dinner was a rushed hotdog at the Brooklyneer Bar in Manhattan, but we really did not need much food. Of course, we did have dessert after the movie, at Pasticeria Rocco. Sunday morning breakfast was at the Apollo Diner, which is close to the Friends Meeting. We skipped lunch, and had dinner at the Pizza Plus restaurant. No dessert that evening, but we did have a beer. Finally, Monday morning we had breakfast at Panera near CJ’s work site.

Prepared by Al Holm, 15 April 2017