New York - September 2016

After settling in at home from our summer travels, Gail and I visited CJ in Brooklyn in mid September. Our plan was to attend a dance performance Friday night, do something outside the city on Saturday, and attend the Medieval Festival in Manhattan on Sunday. We did all that and more and tried out new restaurants.

We stayed in the Days Inn on 39th Street. There are eight parking spaces between the hotel and the street. We were lucky to get one of them when we checked-in.

We met up with CJ near the Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House, and had dinner at Black Forest Brooklyn.

The dance performance was at the BAM Fisher building. The work was portrait of myself as my father by nora chipaumire, an immigrant from Zimbabwe. She used her work to address the question of what does it take to make a black African man (and father) in the wake of colonialism, tribal traditions, Christianity, and liberation struggles. She featured four alternative activities: fight, flee, fuck, or die. Her work was, while sometimes confusing, thought provoking. I thought that she left out an important potential activity, cooperate.

On Saturday morning, we picked up CJ in our car, and headed to the Storm King Art Center, which is up the Hudson valley from NYC. There, on 500 acres, are over 100 outdoor modern sculptures, and one model of an Easter Island statue. We spent the whole afternoon wandering among the fields, trees, ponds, and sculptures, but did not see them all.

CJ and Gail in front of the BAM Opera House Location of the Storm King Art Center

Gail and CJ at the Source by Tony Smith

Mermaid by Roy Lichtenstein at the Storm King Art Center

Storm King Wall by Andy Goldsworthy

Us at Five Men, Seventeen Days, Fifteen Boulders, One Wall
by Andy Goldsworthy

CJ emulating Tall Bather No. 1 by Emilo Greco

CJ with Suspended by Menashe Kadishman

We heard about terrorist bombs that exploded in New Jersey and Manhattan when we woke up Sunday morning.

We joined CJ for breakfast and then attended a service at the Brooklyn Friends Meeting. Next we took the A Train to Fort Tryon Park on Northwestern Manhattan, where a Medieval Festival was being held. We saw a demonstration of battling knights, a man demonstrating the Magic of Science with dry ice, and Mystical Muses, an act combining belly dancing and juggling.

Battling knights on Tournament Field A falconer and his bird

A Mystical Muse balancing four balls on her head

The Cloisters Museum, also in Fort Tryon Park

Gail and I drove back to Maryland on Monday morning while CJ was at work. It rained while we left New York, and then we had showers on and off during the rest of the trip.

Prepared by Al Holm, 22 September 2016