We took the Moving House out for a two-night, trial run at the start of the third week of April. Nearly everything worked, unlike our experience the previous year at Point Lookout.

The Rambling Pines Campground, located in western Howard County, was nothing to get excited about, but it was not bad. Most of it was shaded by trees although it was too early in the spring for them to have leaves. There were two short nature trails and a fairly large fish pond. There were a couple of goats to look at and feed. There were a miniature golf course and assorted games, such as horse shoes and shuffle board. We played shuffle board. And because the nature trails were short, we hiked along the rural road that ran past the campground.

Behind the woods on the upper side of the campground was a facility belonging to the Colonial Pipeline Company. It looked like they had large tanks for storage of oil.

One of the campground’s goats

Our Moving House in its site

The fish pond - catch and release

Al Holm, 16 July 2016