During April 2015, we spent a Thursday and Friday night camping at Maryland's Point Lookout State Park to check out repairs that had been made to the Moving House after our summer 2014 travel adventures. Point Lookout is located where the Potomac River meets the Chesapeake Bay. We visited it once in summer decades ago when the mosquitoes were strong and the poison ivy was lush. It was much nicer in spring.

Getting there was slow due to rush hour traffic leaving Washington and even more rush hour traffic near the Patuxant Naval Air Station so we arrived at the park after hours. Getting in was a challenge because the code provided for the security gate to the campground was out of date. Thanks to other campers we did get in and soon were happily settled in site 60.

Our camp site in the pines

The boardwalk between our camping loop and the nature trail

Nesting osprey were very common in the park.
We also saw several bald eagles.

We were surprised to find Sea Nettle
jelly fish in Lake Conoy

On Friday we walked from one end of the park to the other. Near the lighthouse, we met a birder from St. Louis who was spending a few weeks in Maryland, nominally to visit his sister but mostly to see birds. He rattled off a long list of what he had seen, and then pointed out two horned grebes that were swimming just below our feet in the Potomac.

The Point Lookout lighthouse, said to be haunted

Horned grebes

A loon, content to wait in Maryland for the ice to melt up north

Gulls and cormorants resting in front of Virginia across the river

One of our disappointments was that the refrigerator still was not working. Even worse, the waste water system that had been repaired after our accident last August appeared to be leaking. So it is back to the repair shop for the Moving House, amidst all the other RV owners trying to get their units ready for summer camping. I hope that ours can be ready in time for our long journey to Utah.

Al Holm, 6 May 2015