On September 21 and 22 in 2013, I camped with Doug, Lisa, Joey, and Abby at the KOA in nearby Millersville, Maryland. They were in their tent, and I in the Moving House. Gail was unable to join us because she had back and hip pain.

We were at the KOA in order to include the Moving House, which is too long for the sites at the Patapsco State Park where they normally camp. Patapsco State Park also does not have a giant jumping pillow, but the KOA does. Everyone in the family enjoyed it, even the old guy who did not bounce. Other features of the campground are a pool, that we did not use, and a Nature Trail that circles the camp sites.

It was raining steadily on the day we arrived. Later it rained more heavily and the floor of Doug“s tent got wet so they went home to sleep. They returned the next morning for more fun on the jumping pillow and to take down the tent.

Doug and Lisa putting up their tent Abby likes the tent
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A good camper needs his firewood
Joey is chopping a branch with a hatchet

Joey enjoyed the jumping pillow, even during heavy rain The jumping pillow on Sunday morning
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Doug and Lisa on the jumping pillow On the Nature Trail, a quiet beauty
See header A spider web in the sunlight

Prepared by Al Holm, 1 July 2022