CJ and her friend Krista had prepared an evening dance performance for the weekend of October 25-27 so Gail and I drove up from Maryland. Leaving after lunch, we ran into the rush hour traffic in Brooklyn so it took us about 50% longer than usual. Happily we were able to find street parking a block from her townhouse.

After we got to CJ's, where we are staying in her room, we took the subway to Franklin Street where we had a delicious dinner at Cent' Anni.

We started Saturday with another subway ride, this one to get breakfast. Later in the morning we took the subway into Union Square in Manhattan where CJ had the dance program printed at a Staples and we had lunch in a sandwich shop. It was a warm fall day and lots of people were enjoying the sidewalk cafes. After CJ left for her rehearsal. Gail and I enjoyed watching the farmers' market and the protestors in the square. Then we assembled and folded the dance program.

After spending some time in the Strand Bookstore and getting an early dinner, we took the subway up to Times Square to rejoin CJ at the theater at 151 West 46th Street.

Gail and CJ standing on the steps to CJ's apartment Vegetables on display in a farmer's booth
A group of fracking demonstrators, one in costume, in Union Square

CJ and her colleague Krista performed four duets and five solo pieces. They also included three videos of solo performances.

Program cover

CJ in Gate

Krista in Rainwater

CJ and Krista in Rare Birds

Another scene from Rare birds

Rare Birds included a performance of “I'll Fly Away”

A scene from I Want I Want

Another scene from I Want I Want

After the performance, we had a beer with CJ and one of her friends at a little Irish bar near the theater. Then we caught the subway at Grand Central Station and headed home.

Grand Central Station.
They don't make train stations like this anymore.

Astronomical constellations on the ceiling of Grand Central Station

Gail and I drove back to Maryland on Sunday morning while CJ was teaching pilates. We had had a great time visiting. We hope to get back to Brooklyn again on February 1, when CJ and Krista will perform an expanded version of Rare Birds.