In mid October of 2005, the MinnClan gathered at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park in West Virginia. We rented two adjacent, restored company houses for our residences. In order to have a large enough space so we could all dine in the same house, we had to partially disassemble the dining table in one house and reassemble in in the other. Of course, at the end of our stay we returned the table to its original location.

The big draw in Cass is the restored railroad with coal-powered, Shay locomotives. They provide a ride up the mountain on tracks originally used by the trains hauling logs down to the mill. The engines also belch thick black smoke that leaves soot in hair, eyes, nose, and more. It is an adventure!

Here are photos of our stay taken by Bob B. and Gail.

One of our lodgings, the one where we cooked and ate

Our kitchen, with Bill preparing breakfast

At breakfast, more or less awake, but the bacon was good

One of the steam engines at the depot at 2456 feet

Climbing up the mountain. Notice the black smoke.

Lolly and Bob on the train

Gail with the interior of a train car

Ann and Al on the train

Whittaker Station, our rest stop, at 3264 feet

The view from Bald Knob, at 4700 feet our final stop

Back down from the mountain, Bill enjoys the comforts of home

Julie and Maija contemplating our location

On the porch, with beer bottles
We had dinners of sausage and sauerkraut, and of Michigan-style pasties.

Departing on Sunday morning was a little slow because the Zink's trailer would not attach to its hitch. A local mechanic fixed the problem with a file and grease.

Despite the slow departure Sunday, some of the Clan visited the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, WVA. The Green Bank Telescope there, with its 300-foot diameter, was for years the largest radio telescope. You can see the tip of it peaking over a hill in the photo above from Bald Knob.

Prepared by Al Holm, 19 October 2016