Berea, Kentucky was the MinnClan's rendezvous location in mid May of 2001. We camped. We browsed and bought at the craft show. We attended a bluegrass festival. We had Sunday brunch at the historic and elegant Boone Tavern Hotel.

The sad story from this gathering was that, no sooner than the gathering had started, Ann experienced severe pain and had to go to the emergency room. It was her gall bladder! Bob took down their pop-up trailer, and they headed back to St. Louis for medical care.

Another story from this gathering was the fireball. It began to rain fairly hard on Saturday afternoon so a tarp was erected over the picnic table to shelter us. As dinner time approached, the cooks deployed a white-gas stove under the canopy. But when the stove was lit, a fireball rose from the stove and vaporized a section of the tarp. Fortunately, other than the hole in the tarp, there were no injuries or other damage, and we all enjoyed a good spaghetti dinner that night.

Our campsite, no queen-sized beds, no fancy coffee maker,
no indoor plumbing, but we did OK

Julie, Susan, Joel, Lolly, and Gail
Maija, Bob, and Bill

As always, a good venue for policy discussions and reminisces

Lolly, Julie, and Bob

Bill with the stove, and the hole in the tarp

Where to next? Bob, Lolly, and Maija
The answer? Decorah, Iowa.

Boone Tavern Hotel (image from Wikipedia) Bill & Bourbon, the beverage that made Kentucky famous,

Click here for a 2021 recording of the our reminisces about camping in Berea, KY,..

Prepared by Al Holm, 7 October 2017; updated, 16 January 2021