Gail and I got married in Genoa City, Wisconsin, surrounded by family and friends on 27 April 1974. For our honeymoon, we vacationed in Florida, spending most of our time in the Everglades and then returning to Miami.

The Wedding

With our parents

With our attendants, Jane and Mike
Bob, Rose, Gail, Al, Helen, and Carl

Gail with Rose, her mother

At the Altar

Leaving the altar with dignity

Leaving the church with rice

People waiting outside the church including
Mike and Terri Olan, Sherry Paton, Sylvia and Steve Beyer. and others

Us with Aunt Martha, Oscar Hafs, Rose Paton, Carl Holm,
and Bob Paton in the background


We both loved the outdoors so we decided to honeymoon in the Everglades. Once there, Gail feared the marriage would be short because Al kept getting too close to the alligators. We soon got sunburned and had to wear warmer-than-desired clothing. While dating, Gail had introduced Al to bird watching so we both enjoyed seeing exotic species, such as Anhingas, Purple Gallinules, Louisiana Herons, and Wood Storks.

At the end of our stay in Florida, we visited a show at Sea world in Maimi.


Al with a coconut palm

Al looking over Everglade waters

An alligator at 9 Mile Pond

Gail on the Pineland Trail

Sunset on Florida Bay

A Louisiana Heron by the Anhinga Trail

A Wood Stork

An orca leaping in the Sea World show

Al and an Orca inspecting each other at Sea World

Responsible: Albert Holm
Created: 3 Oct 2019