Name: Shrimp with Green Onions



Yield: 4 servings

Comments: Shelling and de-veining shrimp is a slow process
9/23/2007 - Used maybe 50% more shrimp & served five people It was tasty
7/27/2008 - Abt 24 shrimp per lb
1/29/2011 - I used deveined, frozen shrimp.
6/5/2018 - Again I used cleaned, frozen shrimp. I used 7 green onions because I did not want to have any remaining. I fried the shrimp with the burner at 6, and they were pink in only one minute.
1/9/2021 - Pretty much followed the recipe. On the second day, I added the leftover shrimp to some frozen stir-fry vegetables.

Source: Sunset Fish & Shellfish A to Z, page 120

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