Name: Roasted Red Potatoes



Yield: 4 servings

Comments: 12/10/2012 - 25 minutes left the potatoes a little soft
8/9/2017 - The potatoes had a nice crispness after 20 minutes.
5/24/2018 - In the toaster oven, the highest setting is 450ºF. After 30 minutes, the potatoes were done, but not crispy.
9/9/2018 - I used 24 oz of whole, petite red potatoes. They did not get evenly coated with the seasonings. After 21 minutes, they were done, but not quite crispy.
2/14/2019 - Roasted for 30 minutes, some of the potatoes were crispy; others were simply cooked. I also roasted carrots at the same time. I pealed them, cut them in half, and cut the largest ones in half lengthwise. I coated them with olive oil and dried dill weed. They were not crisp, but they were cooked.
2/14/2019 - I used 8 red potatoes, cubed, in their skins, and coated with the spices in the recipe. There were too many to make a single layer in the pan. The oven was set at 490ºF and the potatoes cooked for about 22 minutes. I forgot to turn them so they were only brown on one side.

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