Name: Carrots in Dill Butter



Yield: 6 servings

Comments: 11/24/2013 - There was a lot of liquid after 25 minutes.
2/6/2017 - I made a variation on this, omitting the water and the sugar, but cooking it in the microwave as in Microwave Steamed Carrots.
10/23/2018 - I made the sauce with only one tablespoon of water, and heated it in the microwave to melt the butter. Then I microwaved the carrots and sauce in a casserole dish. I used the microwave for four and two minutes.
11/9/2018 - I used 2 large carrots and the full amount of ingredients for the sauce. I microwaved them for five minutes, and the carrots were cooked, but had a nice firm texture.


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