Tori is a tortoiseshell cat, who came to live with us on May 28, 2009. She was about 2 years old then. She had been living with a member of our church, but he had to move into assisted living and could not take her with him. He called her “Torti” because of her colors, but we dropped the “t” and just call her “Tori”.

She was a small cat, about six pounds, more recently growing to about nine pounds.

At her previous owner’s, she was accustomed to being outside. Outside, she definitely was a hunter. Her previous owner said that she could kill squirrels. Once we saw her enter the woodchuck’s den under the neighbor’s deck. Happily, neither was she injured nor did she bring a woodchuck to our door. Occasionally, but rarely, we would find the remains of a bird or chipmunk at our door. Sometimes she would bring us a baby rabbit. Not what we want, but we don’t want to lock her indoors either.

Her hunting instincts did help keep down the mice in the house.

Generally, Tori was shy. When she first came to live with us, we had an older, large male cat, Roy. Tori deferred to Roy until he died in 2014. After then she was more outgoing, but still shy.

She liked to be petted, when she decided that she wanted to be petted. At those times she would fall on her side on a rug, and drag herself around in circles while her forehead and back were rubbed. But usually she would shy away from people who came near her. And when children came into the house, she would disappear, not to be seen until hours after they leave.

Responsible: Al Holm
Created: 20 Jan 2019